St Peter Port Cruises – Cruise to St Peter Port in Guernsey with P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises now offer a selection of cruises that include the town of St Peter Port in Guernsey as a Port-of-Call.

A busy port since Roman times and one-time home of Victor Hugo, Guernsey’s capital, St Peter Port, is the prettiest town in the Channel Islands with fine Georgian and Regency houses, tumbling terraced gardens, winding streets and hidden leafy alleyways.

The best way to discover the true beauty of Guernsey is on foot, exploring the Ruettes – tranquil, quiet lanes that are dedicated to walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

And history lovers will be in their element exploring Castle Cornet, the last Royalist stronghold of the English Civil War and now home to several museums and theatrical events.

Fort Grey was a bastion against Napoleon and is now a fascinating Shipwreck Museum while the German Occupation Museum gives a vivid account of island life during WWII.

When you have finished sightseeing, do leave time for shopping, as Duty Free Guernsey offers some of the world’s best bargains on cameras and electrical goods, jewellery, perfume and wine.

A full list of the P&O cruises that feature St Peter Port as a Port of Call can be found here:

St Peter Port Cruises from P&O Cruises

P&O St Peter Port Cruises also feature a fantastic selection of shore excursions. We’ve listed a few of the most popular excursions below. Please check the P&O St Peter Port Excursions page for a complete list of current excursions.

Coast and Countryside Drive
A mix of stunning scenery, intriguing history and island living will leave lasting impressions on all who set foot on Guernsey.

A perfect introduction to an island small in size but big on charm, spectacular with its scenery and historical with its relevance to World War II. See all that the beautiful island of Guernsey has to offer, from the dramatic cliffs in the south, to the magical bays and sandy beaches in the west, and the capital, St Peter Port, in the east.

Driving alongside the pretty harbour and shopping centre of St Peter Port, pass the 11th century town church and 12th century Castle Cornet. Discover the charming Little Chapel, a unique miniature church set in the quiet Guernsey countryside, which not only has an unusual appearance, but a unique history. Just 19 by 15 feet in size and decorated with seashells, pebbles and colourful pieces of china, its tiny alcoves barely hold 3 people at any one time.

As your journey takes you through country lanes leading to the west coast, capture the beautiful seascape from the high vantage point of Pleinmont cliffs during a photo stop. Breathe in the sea air as you view coastal fortifications from the Second World War, and appreciate the magnificent scenery that makes the island of Guernsey a special place to visit.

A stop will be made for tea or coffee and cake, with time to browse for some souvenirs.

Colourful Coastal Walk
Breathe in the fresh sea air as you walk along the scenic cliff paths towards the pretty town of St Peter Port.

The enticement of Guernsey for walkers is its size; at just 25 square miles walkers can explore its perfectly formed coastline, while taking in the stunning scenery and colourful beauty that has been an inspiration for many.

After a short drive to the beautiful Fermain Bay, take in the magnificent views over the cliffs and outwards to the other Channel Islands including Herm, Sark, Alderney and, on a clear day, the coast of France.

Pass Petit Fort and savour the fragrance of the blooming flowers filling the paths with colour. Stroll through Bluebell Wood, and enjoy wonderful views out to sea as you take in the fresh air and true beauty of Guernsey. Whatever time of year your visit, discover new colours each month that are an endless source of beauty.

Approaching the town of St Peter Port, see the old Victorian bathing area before passing fascinating Fort. Pass the shops and marina before arriving back at the quayside. There will be a stop for some light refreshments along the way.

Rib Ride Adventure
A unique interactive experience, combining stunning scenery and breathtaking wildlife in an exhilarating rigid inflatable boat.

Be immersed in the island’s wildlife as you travel through the turquoise waters around Guernsey to discover the waters, wildlife and history that makes Guernsey such a unique island.

Look out for an impressive variety of seabirds, which nest amidst the rocky ledges, with the possibility of seeing Puffins, Gannets, Razorbills and Shags. These can be viewed from close quarters as your specially adapted boat allows you to get close to the cliffs and caves.

Visit the reef of rocks just to the north of Herm Island, a designated nature reserve, where Atlantic Grey Seals can sometimes be seen lazing on the rocks. You may even spot dolphins or whales.

Guided by a nature enthusiast, this tour provides a combination of wildlife observation and exhilaration. You will also find out more about the history and drama of Guernsey’s spectacular maritime heritage.

Your return will be at a bracing speed – so hold on tightly!

Isle of Sark
Step back in time to visit the Isle of Sark, with its picturesque coastline and lack of cars this island is charming and unique.

Just a 40 minute ride away by ferry from Guernsey, passing the small islands of Herm, Jethou and Brecqhou, lies the Isle of Sark. A tractor-drawn cart called the ‘toast rack’ will take you up the steep hill to the main village. With a map of the island and a local guide to point out all that there is to see and do, you will have free time to truly discover this exquisite island.

For many, the joy of Sark is exploring the quiet pretty corners, enjoying breathtaking vistas and finding a secluded cove to relax. Alternatively, you can visit the Occupation and Heritage Museum, watch chocolates being made at Caragh’s, or walk to the famous La Coupee that links Big Sark to Little Sark in the south.

Along the ‘Main Street’ are a number of interesting and unusual shops, and there are a number of places on the island where you can buy refreshments. At the end of the day, take the ‘toast rack’ or walk back down the harbour hill to the pier and the ferry that will take you back to Guernsey.

The German Occupation of Guernsey
Gain an insight into life on this peaceful green island when it was in the grip of the German Army.

Guernsey offers many examples of the only part of Britain occupied during World War II, as well as fortifications that still lie on the cliffs surrounding the island.

Visit the German Occupation Museum, which is split into different rooms each depicting a theme. These include an equipment room, prison, an occupation kitchen, a fortress room and an area dedicated to maritime Guernsey. The explanation of the items on display will add to your experience at this extremely thought-provoking museum.

The Underground Hospital is a further remnant, and the largest structural reminder of the German occupation existing in the Channel Islands. The maze of tunnels in this incredible structure covers about 75,000 square feet. The hospital comprises of 2 main corridors each with wards, operating theatres and x-ray rooms. Although little remains of the equipment, you’ll see beds, cooking arrangements and the heating plant, and most of all you will be in a cool, damp environment which will cause you to contemplate what might have been the true purpose of the building.

At Pleinmont, take in the spectacular views over the cliffs of the west coast of Guernsey and view the impressive gun emplacements. There will be a stop for light refreshments on your journey and the opportunity to view German defences at close quarters.

Gardens of Guernsey
Renowned for its beautiful flowers and gardens, Guernsey is at its most beautiful in bloom.

A global garden, Guernsey’s mild maritime climate allows for 449 plants to be in bloom in the month of January alone. Visit 3 vibrant highlights of Guernsey to discover why the island has such a fine reputation for its striking flowers and gardens.

Explore the beautiful private garden of La Petite Vallee, considered to be a gardener’s paradise. The owner of the garden has kindly agreed to open the doors to her magnificent garden which includes an orchard, formal lawn, stream path, spring bank, great bank, summer beds, autumn beds, fruit and vegetables.

At the award winning Candie Gardens, with its spectacular setting looking out to sea, stroll downhill from the upper to lower gardens. In this rare example of a Victorian public flower garden, see the plants from all over the world that thrive in Candie’s sheltered position.

Finally, savour the fragrance of the beautiful freesias of Guernsey at the 3-acre Freesia Centre. A wonderful opportunity to experience how the traditional Guernsey flower is grown under glass, and observe the process of planting, picking, bunching and boxing to ship to the mainland UK.

Guernsey’s Heritage Trail
This interesting walking tour combines Guernsey’s fascinating history with pretty gardens and panoramic views.

This walking tour will show you the best of the pretty capital of Guernsey. Departing from the pier, your walk will take you into the town centre. As you amble along narrow cobbled streets and uphill past statues you’ll hear about the history of this interesting town before arriving at Candie Gardens.

Candie Gardens are beautifully maintained gardens which also have superb views out to sea where Herm Island and Sark are located in the distance. Enjoy around 30 minutes in these lovely gardens before continuing to Victoria Tower.

The prominent landmark of Victoria Tower was built in 1848 after Queen Victoria became the first monarch to visit the island with the intention to symbolise Guernsey’s link to the English crown. You will have the opportunity to climb the spiral staircase to the top of the tower, where a panoramic view of the island awaits you and as you look out to sea, you’ll see your cruise ship anchored in the distance.

Your next visit will be to see the stunning Guernsey Tapestry. This hidden gem, made to celebrate the millennium, depicts 1000 years of the islands remarkable history on 10 magnificently embroidered panels. You will also be able to follow the history with the aid of an audio guide.

A leisurely walk back downhill and through town will bring you back to the pier.

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St Peter Port Shore Excursions from P&O Cruises

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